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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

White Truck Wednesday

   My theory, as most do, simply began as an observation, sparked by an annoyance.
   Driving Metrpolex freeways - mainly 75 south from Collin County toward Dallas - I began noticing more and more a certain type of vehicle causing me the most anxiety. The white pickup.
   Had to be a couple of coincidences, but nothing more. Right?
   Wrong. White trucks riding cars' bumpers, the drivers regularly pounding on their steering wheels for traffic to part for their apparently more important path. White trucks dangerously swerving in and out of congestion, often illegally using the shoulder as their personal passing lane. White trucks, manned by a single driver, arrogantly using the HOV lane
   I hatched my White Truck Theory after a drive on the George Bush Tollway in 2008.

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  1. This was one of my favorite segments on RAGE!!! In glad to see it on here. Keep up the good work Richie.

  2. Ah a reminder of another thing from RAGE that wasn't funny.

  3. This is the point at which you went from obnoxious to an immediate tune-out for me. Don't forget your theory that people who drive white trucks choose them because they're broke and white trucks are cheaper, because the paint costs less. Remember that half-baked brilliance?
    I'm sure your car is Chameleon teel with a snakeskin pattern or maybe solid chrome. Whatever it is, it's probably way more kickass than those of us who simply like the color white.

    1. Nobody likes a pigeon who just flies in, shits on everything, and leaves. Pigeon shit is white by the way.

    2. Especially a pigeon that flys in, shits on everything, plugs his own very boring blog, and leaves.

    3. It is kind of boring. I might quit it and stick with my job. I'm good at that, therefore I still have it.

  4. Hahahaha....

    Damn that's funny....

    White shirts = cheapo.....


  5. So we go from the Mavs radio story to this? Yep, the old Observer Sportatorium is back. From interesting to crap in 2.4 seconds.....

    Let the nut kicking commence....

  6. I remember Jr Miller doing a segment about white trucks in 2004.

  7. For being such a gifted writer and media mainstay, you sure do have a number of Keyboard Cowboys talking shit to you. Wow.