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Monday, June 24, 2013

Me 'n Mike "Douche": The 5 Dumbest Things I Did on TV Last Night

   Nervous? No way.
   Rusty? Damn skippy.
   It was good to be back yapping to the masses via moving pictures last night, hanging out with Mike Doocy on Fox 4's Sports Sunday.
   I'll let you give my appearance a final grade, but I will admit that is was far from perfect. Giggly goofbally at times, even.
   In fact, when Sybil made me watch the replay this morning I found enough flaws for a list.
   I call it The 5 Dumbest Things I Did on TV Last Night:

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  1. I did catch the attempted handshake at the end. You looked super nervous, but I enjoyed it. I wish Doocy had brought Greggo out for a Local Death Match, but other than that, it was great sports television. Maybe at the next 'Ticket Fight Night'. You and Greggo would produce HUGE ratings for that.

  2. Any Idea where we can catch the replay??

  3. Thought you came across great. Love your 5-part in depth analysis on your performance. I remember thinking last night, is he going to shake his hand? I guess that is not part of TV etiquette?

  4. You were terrible as usual.

  5. I think it would have been funny when Doocy starts the Lindy Ruff quick take (or whatever it was called) segment and he asks for your opinion on what affect this will have on the Stars, you should have said, "No one cares about hockey in this town any more, let's move on.".


    The Solis Banana Peel

  6. A few imperfections, but so what...Richie is at his best when he's in control of the show. Can't wait for the next venture & hope it includes Sybil, bc ya'll have great on-air chemistry!!

  7. how about a link, dumba*s

  8. Dude.... IMO you looked at the camera too much. Doocy was trying to look at you and have like a conversation and what not. You were guns a blazin looking camera hunting. Hahahaha

  9. Richie, I knew you looked a little rusty on the air, me and my wife watched you last night. First thing I said was "his hair is growing back!" Good job overall!

    1. Microphone JohnsonJune 24, 2013 at 2:26 PM

      Hair is not growing back. It's the plugs.

  10. I thought you were alright as for the losers that get on your blog to say sh#t if they don't like you why are they reading your blog to begin with

  11. Tom @beevomav on TwitterJune 24, 2013 at 2:03 PM

    It was fine and all the stuff you talked of are what you thought. I thought it went well.

  12. Ahahahaha! I didn't watch but I'm sure you were great. We are our own worst critics. The #1 gaffe, was what made me almost fall out of the chair. Good stuff!

  13. No offense taken on the name slip-up. Always a pleasure having you on, Dickie.


  14. Sybil and I are going to Happy Hour Wednesday

    Richie, learn from Spittle, your not a big enough name to talk about your personal life.

  15. I took an early shower to see you and Doocy.miss you,Sybil,Armen and Gregg.

  16. Why is there a picture of Natalie Solis, did you mean to post a pic of Susy Solis?


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