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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Top 10 Players in NBA History. Yep, "He"'s Already on Here.

   Hate LeBron James.
   In fact, I'll never forgive him for mocking Dirk Nowitzki's flu cough in the 2011 NBA Finals. But these days, in the wake of Miami's Finals' triumph over the Spurs, I can't deny how damn good of a basketball player he's become.
   Last week he accomplished being only the third player in NBA history to win MVPs of both regular season and The Finals in back-to-back seasons. The other two? Bill Russell and Michael Jordan. Yeah, wow.
   Facing elimination in Games 6 and 7 against San Antonio James produced two epic performances totaling 69 points, 23 rebounds and 14 assists.
   Like him or not, you can't deny that greatness.
   Stubborn as I am, I can no longer keep LeBron off my list of the NBA's greatest all-time players, an elite collection that doesn't include the winningest player (Bill Russell), most dominant physical specimen (Wilt Chamberlain) or 2nd all-time leading scorer (Karl Malone). I can only take solace that LeBron's 11-1 in playoff series as a member of the Heat.
   And all us Mavs' fans gleefully know who gave him the one defeat. Right?
   My Top 10 Players in NBA History ...

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  1. Bill Russel never won MVP and Finals MVP in back-to-back seasons because Finals MVP was not awarded until '69, you ass.

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  2. well, this sucks..fuck basketball.

    on a side note..someone find Greggo and drag him to rehab...or obit city..that boy is totally fucked up.

    Denise's Milanis

  3. Tom @beevomav on TwitterJune 25, 2013 at 3:07 PM

    Allen Iverson better than Dirk? That's fucked up and wrong.

  4. Where's the story about the afternoon drive show in trouble?

  5. BOR-ING!!! Dish more dirt on either Greggo or someone else in the media!

  6. LOL, only 6 comments when Richie's not trolling the ticket.

  7. RW,

    With all dude respect, Allen Iverson, a volume shooter is on this list and Wilt Chamberlin is not? Iverson never won a championship, Chamberlin did. In fact, Malone didn't win one either. Both were transcendent players versus a volume shooter?

    Chuck B
    aka Name that dude singing like a rolling stone

    1. There is a contingent who feel Wilt was the best to ever play. Head to head he destroyed Bill Russell. Still shaking my head about Iverson.

  8. Wilt Chamberlain? Bill Russell?

  9. Ballhog AI has no place in that top 10.

  10. this list is flawless minus the greatness of bill russell. 11 championships and changed the face of the game with defensive dominance. overall a good list. i would have replaced oscar robinson for russell. ps richie you are a great writer fair, factual, and always have great integrity. best of luck in the future brother.

  11. All in all good list, but I do disagree with a few. Isaiah Thomas over A.I. everyday. Magic is not #2 all-time, Shaq should be way higher, and Wilt does deserve to be on this list.

    10.)Tim Duncan
    9.) Oscar Robertson
    8.) Wilt Chamberlain
    7.) Shaq
    6.) Larry Bird
    5.) LeBron James
    4.) Magic
    3.) Kobe
    2.) Kareem
    1.) Michael Jordan

    Just my opinion

  12. Ex-NBA Ticket HolderJune 27, 2013 at 2:44 AM

    How bout those Chi/Dal Blackhawks?!

    NHL gave us 6 of 6 competitive games in their Finals while the NBA provided an ugly 3 of 7...with an unwatchable reg season. Lock 'em out, throw away the key & go away with Stern!

    I'm a hooper & love college hoops, but NHL has converted me from NBA & it's sorry ref's.

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