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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dirk Nowitzki - Front-Office Maverick - Already Recruiting Dwight Howard

   Dirk Nowitzki just poked his head into the Mavs' NBA Draft headquarters here at American Airlines Center and actually dropped a couple news nuggets:
   *He's already begun the recruiting process of free-agent center Dwight Howard, recently calling the Lakers' big man. "I reached out to him," Dirk says, "Told him that we'd love to have him. ... And if I need to jump on a plane, I'm free. I'm available."
   *He'll be in the team's "war room" tonight alongside owner Mark Cuban, general manager Donnie Nelson and assistant GM Keith Grant. And, for what it's worth, Dirk is intrigued by a potential future in Dallas' front office. "It's something I've always wanted to see how it's done," Dirk says. "Maybe I'll be more involved in that area when I'm done playing."
   *As for his eye for talent and his assessment of the Mavs' needs tonight, pretty spot on if you ask me: "We need help left and right. I mean, we need a shooter, some bigs. We need a lot of help."
   Dirk look refreshed. Ready to hop on a plane and go recruit. Yet not at all prepared to concede his career, even at 35, is winding down.
   "Patience is tough at my age," he says. "I hope I can play at a high level a couple more years and then who knows? I'm not sure where my post-playing days will take me. I'm not sure I'm made for TV. I have a face for radio. Me and (ESPN Mavs' radio play-by-play voice Chuck) Cooperstein."

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  1. "No, please don't turn me on." D.Nowitzki, THL

    I'd like to think he can help. Still feeling very cynical.