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Monday, February 3, 2014

SEAHAWKS 43, BRONCOS 8: My Top 10 Super Bowl Whitty Comments

   *So, this DFW sports dude won $20 million betting on the Super Bowl? Who and how ...

   *Most refreshing commercial was two old dudes mumbling ...

   *The Cowboys coulda had Kam Chancellor, but they instead drafted a cornerback named ...

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  1. The Cuban tweet about winning 20 mil was a joke. Please don't tease it as fact.

  2. $20 bet winner - Mark Cuban.
    Who gives a shit about what commercial Richie Shitt thought was best.
    Cowboys drafted CB Akwasi Owusu-Ansah in 4th round 8 spots ahead of Kam Chancellor.

  3. The blog should improve now that Richie is married. More time on his hands and less time with Sybil.

    1. Now, this is funny.

      However, I would not expect any improvement. I suspect it will be the same old mail in job as has been done since it started..and I'm not kidding.

  4. hhmm..its tempting to throw $5 your way for some lazy bullet-point list..y'know, instead of reading Sturms epic review for free...

    if i pay, can i get your thoughts on Eggs? what about Bread?

  5. Two of the biggest radio/Ticket-related news items of the last few years happen in the last few weeks, and there's not even a tease of either one.

  6. Damn....RW has been one traveling dude of late. Globetrotting honeymoon AND was able to attend the Super Bowl. I heard some wackjob 9-11 conspiracy theorist hijacked the stage during the MVP presentation. I'd already turned the tube off or to something else, but figured it had to be Whitt.