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Tuesday, May 7, 2019


In case you wanna read my cover stories for your free, friendly Dallas Observer, I'll make it easy:


   *FEB 28 - The sad saga of former DFW media star Wally Lynn

   *APRIL 3 - Why is the NFL is scared of this quirky Dallas entrepreneur?

   *MAY 8 - Dirk Nowitzki is DFW's Undisputed GOAT

   *JULY 3 - Former Cowboys' QB Babe Laufenberg helps son beat the odds ... and cancer.

   *AUG 7 - Missing Linc: Foggy Life after Football for former Cowboy Lincoln Coleman

   *SEP 19 - Jay Novacek's Son Struggles With a Diminished Life After OU Hazing

   *NOV 7 - Cynt of a Woman: New Mavs' CEO Cynthia Marshall cleans up a dirty mess


   *FEB 19 - RoughRiders on verge of being swallowed whole by Frisco's suburban sports swell

   *MAR 27 - Good Guy Elvis Andrus and the Bad Texas Rangers

   *MAY 7 - No Arms. No Legs. No Problem. Rick Turner and DFW's Bravest Soldiers


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