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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


   Every once in a while we're reminded that, in fact, we haven't evolved as a society nearly as much as we'd like to think.
   Isn't that right, racist punk Charlie Burkhart?
   Isn't that right, common denominator Jesuit High School?
   The kid is was a freshman at Jesuit in North Dallas. And apparently when he wasn't playing lacrosse he spent his time on another favorite hobby - disgustingly talking smack to and/or about blacks.
   According to a source, last year when Burkhart played football on the 8th-grade team at St. Rita he started an on-field scuffle after calling a Bishop Dunne player the n-word. And, now, after a video surfaced of him going on a racist rant in which he again uses the n-word and gleefully exclaims of blacks, "I hate 'em. Crucify 'em!", Burkhart has deservedly been forced to withdraw from the school.
   Kudos to Jesuit for not tolerating this egregious, vile and unacceptable bigotry. Though the statement from school president Mike Earsing released around 4 p.m. Tuesday alludes only that "we swiftly addressed this situation in an appropriate way", a Jesuit source says Burkhart was given a choice: Withdraw from school or be expelled. He left. When the incident made it to social media, the school was forced to act.
   The teen's smirking, slurring, 10-second rant occurred while wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey and being filmed in front of at least one giggling onlooker. Maybe he was at a party. Possibly alcohol was involved. But definitely, undeniably, it is disgusting. 
   There was a time not that long ago when I actually thought we were taking genuine strides toward a truly "United We Stand" America. Instead, slapped in the naive kisser by this ...
   This isn't merely "locker-room talk." This isn't just "kids being kids." This is a nauseating, revolting commentary on our society in general and Burkhart in particular.
   It's just one guy? Maybe. But there are people laughing. People filming. People sharing. And, yep, people saying this is anything but an isolated incident.
   The video is apparently shared by a "JC Ericson." In a response, "Max Heitzman" offers:
   "It was much worse when he was goin ape shit on Tyson."
   I don't want to believe this kind of attitude exists in 2017. But, chillingly, it indeed does.
   And, like it or not, Jesuit is again at the root of the evil.
   It was only two years ago, remember, that two Oklahoma University students and fraternity members were expelled for their tuxedo-clad leading of a chant that included "You can hang them from a tree, but they'll never sign with me. There will never be a nigger at SAE."
   One of those kids - Parker Rice - was a graduate of, sure enough, Jesuit High School.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Not "blaming" Jesuit. But with 2 racist-based school expulsions in 2 years, yes it is indeed - by definition - a common denominator.

    2. Dfw"SPORTATORIUM", not Dfw "Let's-focus-on some-racist-kid-and-rant-on-a-highschooltorium", I in no way respect this child's actions, and would never tolerate it myself, but going on unnecessary rants on a respectable high school, framing it as if this child represents the school itself and that it is a hotbed for racism, is completely inappropriate. This can be supported by your twitter post saying that racism exists "right under our noses" within Jesuit Dallas. Not only disgusted at this child's words but also at your own.

    3. The kid went to Jesuit. I gave Jesuit credit for booting him. I hope you're not suggesting I should sweep this under the rug because it's not sportsy enough for you?

    4. Because by making the remark that Jesuit is an underground bed for racism that "lies below our noses" is basically saying kudos to them for booting him. Interesting system of thinking. And no I don't think it should be swept under the rug, since you have already posted this article, but if you are going to run a Dfw sports page, I think it would be a rather intelligent idea to stick to sports, due that I don't see ESPN running around commenting about the US election or any other topics straying from sports.

    5. I've been doing this for a minute or two but, ok, thanks for the advice.

    6. Sorry to bore you by calling out your fallacies, just saying, think it's in your best interest to stick to sports, as this article along with your slandering tweets are much less enjoyable to read and are more similar to hate speech on a respectable school rather than an article over the ignorant actions of a child.

    7. Richie Whitt go fuck yourself I bet your wife puts on a strap on and goes to town on you. Your a sick fuck with no right to be talking shit about something you don't even know. Yes it was wrong what he did bit you don't actually know him as a person so you should really just fuck off. Your a fucking joke and a liberal piece of shit who thinks he is above the rest of society because you write articles that less than 1% of the world actually read. So pull your head out of ass it quit being a worthless fuck and do something useful with your time.

    8. A fuckin men prick^

    9. Looks like Charlie Burkhart found your article. He types like he rants.

    10. See, my damie, Pootie Tang don't wa-da-tah to the shama cow... 'cause thats a cama cama leepa-chaiii, dig?

  2. It shows the type of students they have an it's a reflection on their families. They learn it somewhere.

    1. There is a racist subculture there that goes virtually unchallenged. Incidents like this bring it into the light. Students, parents, administration need to root out this repugnant subculture immediately.

  3. Get a life and stop trying to make Jesuit look terrible after 2 students made a mistake.

    1. I cringe at the fact that your takeaway from the story is that I should "get a life." Pretty sure you've completely missed the point.

  4. You do realize that you can be sued for releasing the name of the minor in the video?

    1. The ol' "kill the messenger" bit, huh?

    2. I have no power to "kill the messenger". I'm just saying you broke the law by using his name. If you were smart, you would edit this article and take out his name.

    3. This kid is guilty of more than what was said in his famous video. I have seen his snap messages and this was not just one isolated drunken rant. I am not saying Jesuit is responsible for this kid's actions, but by definition, Jesuit is the common denominator. I also don't think the writer of this article is to blame whatsoever. Can you blame the writer for publishing the minor's name if the minor has already shared his repulsive remarks publicly on social media? This is the kids fault 100%. There is no one else to blame. Lastly, I respect Jesuit's response to this incident as I see them as a very respectable institution, but it is very unfortunate that there have been two large racial incidents involving Jesuit in just the past few years.

  5. What's the point then?

  6. This is a hate letter. You think Charlie's hobbies were hating black people? Stop being a liberal.

    1. The fact that there isn't 100% condemnation of this kid's actions in this comments section is almost as troubling as the actions themselves. Wow, people. Just wow.

    2. I agree...This is not the first incident with this young man... but, finally, his racism was the final straw... Good riddance Charlie.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. All the attention is going to turn on u and ur pointless blog instead of charlie if u keep this alive.

  9. Have fun when I show this to Jesuit tomorrow and you are using a minors name and you get your website shut down and lose thousands of dollars because you think youre doing good but you're not

    1. Amen Jesuit is a great school but not all kids are great

    2. website still not shut down kek

    3. My patience has run out, the police have been contacted. I've also consulted a local hitman, as I've traced your IP address. May God have mercy on your soul.

  10. I would not call this "Making a mistake". This young man is a bad apple. His elitist attitude is malignant... he was a cancer that the Jesuit's needed rid of. Don't blame the school, this is a parenting issue.

  11. Hey Richie I think it's time to focus on sports

  12. Let's make love not war


  14. Legal action will be taken if you do not edit the full names of all the minors involved. Completely illegal.

  15. My good sir, whilst you are right to be outraged, you do thyself no credit speaking so blatantly. I cannot condone the fact that you think this is a problem of the school he didn't even complete freshman year at. Instead I think a deeper look at what his home life was like is requisite for further condemning.

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  18. You sick son of a bitch where do you get off

  19. To say Jesuit is a "common denominator" is beyond ridiculous. I too am appalled by this individuals actions, but to claim the entire school is similar to this one students actions is quite unbelievable. Not only does Jesuit not condone this in any way, but it is certainly not one of their teachings. This video does not represent Jesuits profile of the graduate in the slightest. And for you, to make sharp accusations such as his "favorite hobby" or even "racist punk". How viable are your "sources" you have received this information from? For your "article" to have countless of meaningless ads and nonetheless have sports talk rather than political makes it hard to believe that you think you have the authority to post on this. You have edited many of your mistakes you have already made in your post proving this is not a reliable source. Did you post this because Jesuit is a prestigious school and it is shocking to see something happen like this? Do you think you would still post an article if something like this happened at a public, say for example Skyline? Jesuit teaches how to be men for others and to display brotherhood, and many great kids have come out of Jesuit. One kid may have messed up, but it does not mean the entirety of the school also acts the same.

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  22. And you call yourself professional sports writer? Do have any idea how many Jewish or Asian kids go to Jesuit? You are an idiot, and that's your common denominator to kid in this video.

    1. Oh yes!! Jesuit is a hot-bed of diversity. You are the idiot!

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  24. Sad this happens when their All American Jesuit Graduate, Jordan Speith is in town for the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament. I'm sure this isn't the only private school that has these racist feelings!

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. With all due respect, an ad hominem attack against all Jesuit students is uncalled for and juvenile in nature. The beliefs and actions of one student does not reflect the beliefs of his fellow classmates, nor do they reflect the tenants that Jesuit ingrains in its attendees. Ted Kaczynski was a Harvard attendee and ended up becoming a mass murderer; does that make all Harvard students mass murderers too?

  27. Richie Whitt, what do you know. You're a UTA Graduate with a hair style similar to the hair covering satans anus. You're such a low life that your own wife, Sybil Summers, didn't even take your last name. Not to mention that she looks like a watered down ex porn star who serviced someone for every job she's landed. You're in your 50s with nothing better to do then rip on some 16 year freshman for his stupid mistakes. This website looks like something a 3rd grader could type up in a day and the hypothetical 3rd grader could probably cover sports better then you. Stick to your shitty sports articles you soulless ginger fuck.

  28. Good evening douche bag,
    After reading over your loathsome, piece of shit article, I began to get disgusted by the way you look at life. You tend to always be hating on others, all for the fame and for the fortune. You got no where is life so you push others down to pull yourself up... that's unfortunate. You, sir, are a self-centered, arrogant, narcissistic psychopath, and you feed on bringing others down. Not one bit do you care about other peoples feelings. This 15 year old boy made a mistake. One mistake. You definitely have made so many mistakes in your life, and this article is sure as hell one of them. I am astonished by the fact that you feel as if you have the power, and the importance to hate on someone like this. Yes, what the kid said was disgustingly rude, but that doesn't mean you should do a wrong doing by making his life hell, and ruining it. Forever. You have really opened my eyes up to see how much of an ass you truly are. I will never read one of your shit ass articles ever again.
    Thanks, and have a horrendous night Richie.


  29. It's almost scary to read the comments section for this article. I feel safe in saying that "anonymous (who won't even put his or her first name on all these posts) is a Trump voter. To mention Jesuit was appropriate because most of the posters of this article believe, apparently, that since two youths from South Oak Cliff or Carter High commit robberies that all young people from these schools are robbers. That pancake has two sides, you just refuse to acknowledge the side that looks like you.

    1. Gerald's my bitchMay 17, 2017 at 8:09 AM

      Your name is fucking gerald. You can't say shit about Trump, he is our fearless leader, who will conquer the world. And just because someone votes for The Donald, does not make them a racist. You probably typed up this reply from down in your Grandma's basement, you greasy fat fuck.

      And stop talking about food in your reply, you fucking slob. Just wanna eat pancakes all day in a run-down McDonald's.

  30. A turd could write a better piece than this, therefore you are less than a turd

  31. I don't understand how you are verified on twitter nor how you had the means to write this. If your professionalism was at a 10, it is nearly a 0 because of your level of incompetence shown above. If you released this with your own assumptions off this one incident, then you sir are fake news, sports, hell whatever you write about, stick to what you're best at. Visit jesuit, see our community, go to our service projects, our masses, our sporting events, and most importantly see our diversity. Saying Jesuit is the root of evil is the dumbest thing I've heard come from this incident and I don't understand why you came up with that phrase but ok, think whatever you like. This was one students out of tons who are devout human beings. Saying this is no worse than saying all Muslims are terrorist because one "follower" (radical terrorist) of Islam ran into a store of 100 people and blew himself up. This kid did something completely wrong which nobody from jesuit stands by. You would NOT want someone calling everything you stand by, jesuit, which I stand by, horrible and factually incorrect names. And pausing the video to find the kids names in that group chat just for some extra content in your article is pointless, plus, on Snapchat anyone can change the appearance of someone's real account name, you have no factual evidence those are them nor that kid took the video. Get some education in journalism.

  32. Richie = Richard
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    Richie is a dick

  33. This article is only time people have actually given a shit about anything with this blog


  34. JC what a legend

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  37. Jesuit has good kids. Mostly entitled kids. Be a good athlete, have $ or a family member and entrance to the school is granted. Don't be fooled, they have standards, as outlined above. You can cheat in middle school, be a major disciplinary problem and the list goes on. However, if you have $, are a good athlete or your bother, father, grandfather went there you are in!

    I'd bet a fortune that the others in that video all went to Jesuit. Entitlement, racism and much more seem to be chronic problem at that school.

    Appatently, the school needs to implement a sensitivity courses or go to one of the other fantastic schools such as JPII or BL.

    1. I'll have you know that often times this is completely false. Being an only child with family not from Texas, I don't have any previous members that have gone there. The financial statement is also false. On scholarship with financial aid, I think you have the wrong idea. I know for a fact that other people beyond Jesuit students were there as well as other students participating from other schools. Racism is a chronic problem at Jesuit? No where at any point has any faculty member has spoken or promoted racism. Parents have influence on these children. Do you think that people at these "fantastic" schools such as BL and JP2 not have any racial profiling by students? Racism is something that has not gone away and I guarantee that it won't

    2. I appreciate that you admit that this is "often true". The fact is your son may have the token scholarship however that is without a doubt the exception. The fact is that of the thousands of schools across this state these issues are not popping up.

      Jesuit has been in the news twice for issues like this in the last two years. A coincidence, I think not. The school has problem with this behavior, clearly.

      To remedy the problem it better recognize the issue and address it directly. "Often harsh, always fair, judge by results".

      It's a problem. This kid is going to be going through hell because the school apparently tolerates the behavior. You think the admin does not know this is happening? Do you think when they admit boys caught cheating in middle school and deny others with better grades and no disciplinary problems this is not perpetuating this entitlement like behavior?

      There is no doubting that the majority of the boys at DJPC are good boys. They need to fix this, admit kids who earn admittance, good boys with good families.

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    1. Thank you jesuit for taking action. I hate people thinking they have the right to post about minors without censorship

    2. Agreed thank you for speaking out

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